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Otis Bruce, Jr., President


Jessica Woodall-Massey, Director of Operations


Joe Ayoob


Gary Burns


Judy Colton


Michael Gorton


Bob Marcucci


Rich Nave


Lori Saia Odisio


Anthony Pignati


Chad Stuart

Beth Walker

A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, Michael is a Managing Director-Investment Officer at The Gorton Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors.  When he isn’t working, mountain biking, or heading to Idaho for some fly fishing, Mike is engaged in the community in Marin. He recently retired from the Central Marin Soccer Board and the College of Marin Foundation, where he served for 20 years.  Beginning in his teens, Mike coached both high school and traveling baseball, football and soccer, and continues to referee high school soccer.  Currently, he serves on the boards of the California Soccer Referee Association and Marin Athletic Foundation.  Mike and his wife, Sheryl, have been married for more than 30 years. They reside in San Rafael and have two children, Jonathan and Kelly, who humor Dad by joining him on his various adventures.

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